X-SMART convinces Einza
Published on: 2 June 2013 Written by: Merijn van Domburgh

einzA is the first company to introduce X-Smart, Fast & Fluid’s new entry level dispenser, to the market in Germany. We are proud of the fact einzA chose our solution. Mr. Kai Winkelvoss, Managing Director at einzA, tells us more about why they’ve decided to use X-Smart, and shares some first impressions and initial feedback from the market.

FFM: How do you utilise the X-SMART – who is the target market?
KW: At einzA, the X-SMART is part of a new concept called einzA Malermix – a system for workshops through which we are redefining define the concept of tinting… With minimum investment it delivers maximum profit.
FFM: Is this target market new to einzA?
KW: Yes and no. It’s our traditional target group – tradespeople. The target location is new: workshops. At einzA, we now offer two tinting systems: einzA Mix for trade and shops, and einzA Malermix for workshops.
FFM: What made you choose the X-SMART for your system? Did you consider other machines?
KW: We looked at various machines and tested them. The cost-value ratio of the X-SMART, combined with its performance, is what convinced us in the end. It is a robust, lightweight machine with minimal electronics, ideal for tradespeople.
During our testing we asked: how carelessly can we treat it before it affects how well it does its job? Downtime, blackout, no stirring – how long does it take for these things to cause problems, and how quickly is the machine up and running again afterwards? The X-SMART did extremely well in these tests.
FFM: What do you like best about the X-SMART?
KW: The dispense accuracy is very good. However, the most important aspect for me is that the machine is tubeless: there are no pipes or tubes in the system in which colourants could linger and dry out.

FFM: How are you introducing and installing your new system?

KW: Because installing an X-SMART does not require a service technician, we send our sales staff to set the machines up at our customers’ premises. We have the customer get as fully involved in the installation process as possible, to help familiarise them with their new system from the start.
FFM: What initial feedback have you had from the market?
KW: einzA Malermix has been received extremely well – our customers' expectations have been met. After all, this is not a substitute product, it is all new business, so everyone benefits from it. And the X-SMART fits our workshop concept very well: “less is more” instead of “higher, faster, further”.