Harbil Next Gen Insights No 4
Published on: 14 January 2019 Written by: Product Management

The Harbil Next Gen platform is in constant motion, always looking for ways to make life easier for you and your operators. Now that the HA480 and HA680 have established themselves as game-changers on the paint dispenser market, we are proud to announce that we’re expecting a new addition to complete the series: a more compact Harbil Next Gen; the HA180. Before the launch in late 2019, we do have some extensive field testing planned.

Operator friendliness is one of the five ‘next levels’ on the Harbil Next Gen platform. Every enhancement is done with your operator in mind. Take the redesigned punch for the Harbil Next Gen dispensers for instance. We spoke with Bram Piters, Mechanical Engineer at Fast & Fluid, and asked how he adapted this punch for the new platform.

We also spoke to Mattijs Oostendorp, Technical Product Manager,  who explains some of the features you may not know about on the Operator Display. Did you know, for example, that you can see when the dispenser consumes just 1.8 watts of power?    

In our poll in this edition, we’ve listed four operator-friendly features and would like to know which one helps your operators the most. We’d love to hear your choice! 

In this edition of Harbil Next Gen Insights:

  • New kid on the block: HA180, the more compact Harbil Next Gen
  • Why is the redesigned punch easier to use?
  • Understanding the operator display: hidden buttons
  • Poll: what’s the most operator-friendly feature?

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