Can positioning light

Published on: 15 February 2021
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Can positioning light

Do you have a Harbil dispenser and use an external punch? Or does your company produce industrial paints that come in large drums with a bung hole?

The new Can Positioning Light (CPL) designed by Fast & Fluid Management enables your operator to position the can or drum’s bung hole in exactly the right position before starting the tinting process. This optional accessory is built into the housing, directly above the can table, and uses two laser beams that point from both sides diagonally downward to one centralized position. This means no more estimations or calculated guesswork as to where to place the can or drum. Simply let the laser beams guide you and you’ll never waste a drop again!

If you are purchasing a new Harbil Series dispenser, you can order the CPL as an optional accessory. Alternative, you can retrofit your current generation Harbil design by ordering a retrofit kit under number 1820312-SP.

For the X-PROTINT, the Can Positioning Light is only available as an accessory and therefore always has to be installed locally. The order number of this accessory is 1819575.

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