Harbil Next Gen Insights No 2

Published on: 29 January 2018
Written by: Product Management
Harbil Next Gen Insights No 2

When we started developing the Harbil Next Gen platform back in 2012, sustainability wasn’t our top priority. Our aim was to develop a dispenser that was reliable, user-friendly, fast, and easy to maintain. At the same time, we were also creating a very sustainable dispenser platform. In our first edition of Harbil Insights, we talked about some of the future-proof technologies that are the backbone of the Harbil Next Gen platform. How does sustainability fit in with all this? And how is the new HA680 coming along? You can read this and more in the new Harbil Insights.

In this edition of the Harbil Next Gen Insights you’ll find the following subjects:

  • Next level in sustainability: HA480– Interview with Ronald Krom
  • Your say on sustainability, Should sustainability be fundamental in the decision-making process?
  • The HA680 update
  • More speed and higher capacity
  • HNG Insights now also on Harbilnextgen.com

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