Harbil Next Gen Insights No 3

Published on: 04 June 2018
Written by: Product Management
Harbil Next Gen Insights No 3

Meet the latest addition to the Harbil Next Gen platform: the HA680! After extensive development and testing in the field, it has now been introduced to the market. This bigger brother of the HA480 offers the superior reliability, accuracy and usability of turntable technology, but with a greater dispense speed that rivals other dispense technologies. What’s the secret? Perhaps it’s the optional higher-capacity ZeroPurge™ piston pump for a dispense speed of 1.5 l/min or even more, or the heavy-duty drive unit to cope with industrial usage. One thing is for sure, the new HA680 is a dispensing game-changer!

In this edition of the Harbil Next Gen Insights you’ll find the following subjects:

  • Meet the new HA680 dispenser, the bigger brother of the HA480
  • 300 ml ZeroPurge™ piston pump for even greater dispense speed
  • Specially designed production line for HA480/680 dispensers
  • Results of sustainability poll, and a new question

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