Harbil Next Gen Insights No 5, Next level in serviceability

Published on: 16 December 2019
Written by: Marketing Communications
Harbil Next Gen Insights No 5, Next level in serviceability

The previous issues of Harbil Next Gen Insights focused on Speed, Reliability, Sustainability and Operator Friendliness. It’s now time to concentrate on the fifth pillar of the Harbil Asterisk: Serviceability. After all, even the most reliable dispenser needs occasional servicing and can still show an error.

The topics in this newsletter are:

  • HA180 officially in production
  • Service support made easier with Harbil Next Gen dispensers:
    an interview with Eric Arnoldus about the main differences between the Harbil Next Gen and other dispensers in terms of service support.
  • 4 tips for your service technicians when maintaining or making changes to the HA180
  • Test your knowledge of the Harbil Next Gen dispensers

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