Mix 2 the max with the GA480

Published on: 18 May 2016
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Mix 2 the max with the GA480

Faster and smarter. Two fundamental words describing Fast & Fluid’s revolutionary new GA480 automatic mixer. The clever auto button does all the thinking by intelligently optimizing the mixing time for every kind of paint and every quality and size of can. Together with the faster clamping speed, the stability of Dynamic Balance, easy connection to your dispenser’s PC for easier service and personalization, you’re always in control and ensured of maximum mixing results in the shortest possible time.

The GA480 automatic mixer allows you to mix to the max. It uses technology that is so advanced, you’re not only in pole position, you’ll cross the finish line quicker than everyone on the grid. To learn more about the technology behind faster and smarter mixing, and the benefits for your business, watch our GA480 video.

Reliability we can guarantee

Before releasing the GA480, we thoroughly put the mixer to the test. If you’re looking for speed, user-friendliness, reliability and high-level performance, the GA480 truly sets the new industry standard.

We believe in the performance of the GA480 automatic mixer so much that we’re offering a 3-year warranty on parts for purchases between May 1 and December 31 of 2016.
Read the warranty conditons here.

Revolutionary technology

The GA480 is the result of more than two years of research and development, which started with customers around the world telling us what they need: a new mixer that can outperform others in terms of total mixing time, ease of use and reliability. Jan Post, Vice President of Research at Fast & Fluid Management, explains how the development of a stabilization process called Dynamic Balance formed the basis of this groundbreaking automatic mixer.

Read the complete interview with Jan Post, VP Research International.

To learn more about the new GA480 or to order your mixer with the extended 3-year warranty, please contact your Fast & Fluid sales representative or call us directly on +31 (0)31 252 240 800.



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