Protect Your Colorant Longevity with our Biocide-Free Spray Solution

Published on: 23 May 2023
Written by: Marketing Communications
Protect Your Colorant Longevity with our Biocide-Free Spray Solution

Colorant systems have changed within the world of inks and coatings, providing a wide range of color options while being environmentally friendly. However, biocide-free colorant systems can be vulnerable to contamination from bacteria and fungi, which can cause discoloration and spoilage. To prevent this, many manufacturers add biocides to their colorant systems. But how to protect the vulnerable colorants that do not contain biocides? That’s where our Spray solution comes in.

Trusted and effective shield against contaminants

Our Spray solution has been specifically designed to protect biocide-free colorant systems of up to 24 colorants. Our unique spraying canister lids condition the headspace of the canisters, providing thorough protection. This programmable spray system allows you to tailor the interval and duration of the disinfecting spray to optimize the conditioning of your colorants, ensuring they remain vibrant and healthy for longer.

Thorough protection with seamless operation


The Spray solution system is not only effective, but is also user-friendly. The spray system maximizes the distribution with multiple nozzles per canister lid. Additionally, the system provides clear fault feedback with LEDs and acoustic signals, which makes it easier to identify any issues that may arise. With a large 5L spray liquid container that lasts up to 12 months, our Spray solution is also a cost-effective way to protect your colorant systems.

We also offer a BEMA docking station for a clean filling system. This docking station allows for a more hygienic way to refill colorant in the canisters, reducing the risk of contamination

Protecting an existing fleet? We’ve got you covered!

Do you have a existing machine and want to upgrade them with our Spray solution? Our special retrofit kit available for HA180, HA480, and HA450 machines will do the job. This retrofit kit makes it easy to upgrade your machine and enjoy the benefits of our Spray solution.

Protect your colorant systems with our Spray solution today. If you would like to know more, reach out to our sales representatives or authorized partners here – Contact map – Fast & Fluid EMEA (

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