Ventilation interface
Published on: 15 February 2021 Written by: Margriet van Dijk

Workplace safety needs to meet various standards and regulations at all levels, whether these are laid down locally, nationally, or internationally. One of the responsibilities that business owners always need to consider is ensuring there is proper ventilation in workshops or retail outlets where people work with flammable substances. With this knowledge in mind and by listening to requests from the market, we have added a ventilation connection facility to the rear panel of the Harbil and X-PROTINT dispensers.


The Ventilation Interface (#1865781) allows you to connect all Harbil and X-PROTINT dispensers produced as from mid-2020  to an external air extraction system. It has an adapter that you fit into the ‘push-out hole’ of the machine’s rear panel. This is done in a matter of minutes by following the enclosed instructions.


You can connect the Ventilation Interface to dispensers starting from the below serial numbers:

X-PROTINT                          87458F

HA180                                   1093195

HA480/680                          1094079