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X-SMART PRO automatic paint dispenser - Dispensers

  • Sturdy build
  • Small footprint
  • Low maintenance

X-SMART PRO, an entry-level automatic sequential dispenser of universal and water-based colorants designed for daily tinting needs. Simplicity is at the heart of X-SMART PRO making it a trouble-free solution. Among its many boons are an affordable and reliable dispenser, faster and consistent tinting, compactness, low maintenance, operator-friendliness.


  • Piston pump technology
  • 16 PP/POM canisters in 2.25 l size
  • Water-based
  • Flow rate up to 0.25 l/min
  • 0.077 ml smallest dispense
  • Tubeless design
  • Active nozzle closure
  • HWD 123x82x83 cm

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Ready to use: No assembly required, set to start right out of the packaging

Sturdy build : Ergonomic design with a sturdy metal enclosure

Small footprint: Accommodate a desktop or laptop thanks to its low height and flat top

Easy to use: Simple operations that require minimal operator training

Low maintenance: Devoid of tubes ensuring leak-proof canisters and nozzles while doing away with the complications of rodent bites


Technical data


  • Automatic sequential
  • water-based colorants


  • Up to 16 canisters
  • Material: PP
  • Size: 2.25 l


  • Piston pump
  • Size: 30 ml
  • Flow rate: 0.25 l/min
  • Min. dispense: 0.077 (1/384 fl. oz.)
  • Polymeric needle valve
  • Seals material: Viton
  • Copied calibration - No recalibration required


  • Air tight - Integrated nozzle closures
  • Nozzle cleaning system: passive brush

Can table

  • Manual shelf
  • Dimensions: 23 x 37 cm (WxD)
  • Loading height: 25 cm
  • Max. can height: 33 cm
  • Optical can sensor

Dimension & weight

  • Net HWD 122 x 80 x 90 cm
  • Filling height: 115 cm
  • Weight net 84 kg

Power supply & safety

  • 110V/230V +/- 10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Maintenance & Operations

  • Low level (only purge & brush clean)
  • Minimal operator training
  • Flood resistant up to 40 cm
  • Low TCO


When you order accessories, they allow you to personalize your machine to your specifications. Accessories are supplied separately with your machine and have to be mounted during or after the installation.

Maintenance kit

Maintenance kit

A handy kit containing all the essentials to keep your X-SMART in tiptop condition all year round.