More user- and service-friendly brush module on HA180

Published on: 09 August 2021
Written by: Product Management
More user- and service-friendly brush module on HA180

In Q2 we replaced the stainless steel brush container on the HA180 by a more user-friendly polymeric version.

This new container has a pouring spout and weighs less, making it easier to clean and refill. To minimize liquid spattering outside the container during the nozzle cleaning procedure we also added a splash guard next to the brush.

Improved serviceability
Apart from the user-friendliness, we also made servicing the brush module easier. Our engineers have redesigned the adjustment plate that aligns the front panel with the front of the machine, making the aligning process simpler and faster. The new adjustment plate is compatible with both the polymeric and the stainless steel brush container.

Ordering details:
Please note that the new polymeric brush container doesn’t fit on the existing guide rail. This means that part number #1819721-SP will remain available.
Implementation date: May 2021.

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