New board V2 X-PROTINT

Published on: 08 November 2021
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New board V2 X-PROTINT

New printed circuit board for X-PROTINT dispenser

PCB With COVID-19 constraints, the global electronic component industry continues to experience supply chain disruptions and component shortages. The recent semiconductor shortage is less about the COVID-19 pandemic and more about critical issues in the supply chain infrastructure and is expected to face further uncertainty. These shortages have a significant impact on the production of printed circuit boards, which is the heart of any electronic device.

For our automatic dispenser X-PROTINT, we’ve been using our V0 PCB since its launch in 2017.

Due to the processor shortage, we are introducing a PCB V2 with a design change to improve component availability and reduce production lead time for customers. This new version PCB fits in the existing SDM, so no change is required. However, the firmware versions on V0 and V2 are not compatible as both have different processors. The new firmware will be available on soon.

V0 vs V2 – Hardware Changes: NUMBER OF PORTS

Power Circuit Board V0
• 3 separate LEDs for motors on pump, valve, and turntable.
• When all 3 motors are at home position, the 3 LEDs will glow with different colors (green, blue, and red)

Power Circuit Board V2
• 1 LED with different colors

Additional remarks
• While choosing the new V2 version PCB, we have ensured there is no impact on the functionality and performance of X-PROTINT and we are able to serve customers without any further delays.
• Firmware for PCB V0 continues to be updated and available for download on
• When wrong firmware is uploaded on the board, it will not run at all. A correct firmware upload can overwrite the existing (wrong) firmware.
• Firmware versions up till V3.08.1 are for PCB V0
• Firmware as from V4.12.0 is for PCB V2
• Dispensers with these 2 different PCBs can be identified either through the LEDs OR through the serial number this can be found on the sticker on the back of the machine or in the service dashboard.
• The part number for V0 board will be a see part number to the V2 board. The new number will be 1865818-SP.
• The SDM will also get a new spare part number 1865827-SP

In case you have questions, comments, or feedback please feel free to reach out to our local sales team.

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