Speed, accuracy and precision are essential in sample tinting

Published on: 14 February 2022
Written by: Product Management
Speed, accuracy and precision are essential in sample tinting

Want to dispense very small amounts of paint in exactly the right color? Research shows that the nozzle has to be in perfect condition. Even the slightest brush liquid residue underneath the pump can influence the color. That’s why we designed a smart brush container with an integrated float mechanism that keeps the nozzles dry during the day and gives them a thorough clean at night.

The trade-off between accuracy and speed 

The first major challenge that many sample tinting processes come up against is the trade-off between accuracy and speed. That’s why so many DIY stores regularly have different machines for sample tinting and larger volumes. As we mentioned earlier, this does increase the risk of color variations between the sample and the final product. But now that’s no longer needed, thanks to the Harbil dispensers that can optionally be fitted with sample pumps and standard dispensing pumps. The result is zero color difference, no extra space needed, and always the unrivaled Harbil speed and accuracy! 

Next to accuracy precision is very important. 

In a set of measurements, accuracy is how close the measurements are to a requested volume, while precision looks at the measurements of identical dispense operations over time. 

The 3 components that play a significant role in achieving the best result.  

The smaller the drop, the harder it is to get it absolutely right. After extensive research, we have discovered three components that play a major role in achieving the best result: 

1.       The pumps 

2.       An extremely stable turntable 

3.       A sophisticated wet & dry brush system 

1. Fine-tuned ZeroPurge technology 

As you know, the ZeroPurge piston pump is a patented component specifically designed for the Harbil Series. It gives incredible dispense speed, no colorant waste, and requires virtually no maintenance. 

We have now taken that technology and have modified the tube diameter and the dispense hole size. We have added a 29 ml & 55 ml Harbil piston pump to our portfolio. These sample pumps have a narrower tube for a dramatically smaller dispense volume. Depending on your colorant system, you can go as low as 0.025ml with a 55 ml pump and 0.015ml with a 29 ml pump. 

2. Improved table suspension 

During the intake of the colorant, you pull the piston up and therefore also pull on the turntable. During dispense, you push the pump and turntable down again. Even the smallest play of the table influences the small doses. Thanks to the new reinforced suspension bracket, any movement has been eliminated. 

3. The smart brush 

The brush container is the third component that has been modified. When dispensing very small amounts, the nozzle must be in optimal condition. Even the slightest brush liquid residue underneath the pump can affect the color. 

To ensure reliable results with every dispense, no matter how small, our engineers designed a sophisticated brush container that keeps the nozzles dry during the day for the best performance and cleans them thoroughly at night.  

All Harbil dispensers have an operator display that shows the brush container’s liquid level in real-time, ensuring clean pumps and optimal dispense accuracy. Getting relevant feedback on the dispense job is essential, especially when it concerns sample dispensing. The machine needs to be in perfect condition to get the perfect result.  

Adding all these factors together, the sample option for HA480 and HA680 dispensers adds a reliable dimension of service for you and your customers. 

To find out more, please get in touch with your local sales representative at Fast & Fluid. 

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