The difference between POS and LAB sample tinting

Published on: 25 January 2022
Written by: Product Management
The difference between POS and LAB sample tinting

We differentiate between POS and LAB sample tinting. But how are they different? And can you have both applications in one machine?

The distinction is in the purpose

POS sample tinting is aimed at helping customers in their decision to create a paint color that matches their taste and style perfectly. Perhaps they have an idea of what color would look great. First, they want to test the color at home before making a final decision and buying a large can. But how do you make sure the color in the small can perfectly match the larger volume that they’ll hopefully buy later? Step one is to prepare both doses using the same machine, so that machine variables can in no way cause a color deviation.

LAB tinting is specifically designed for validating (new) color formulations before they are sold on the market. When creating LAB samples, minimum dispense volume is of the utmost importance. The process needs to be reliable and efficient, and must match the retail product perfectly. So, what could be better than using a process that is supported by the same tinting technology as in the store? 

Modular design
Our solution to sample dispensing is a modular design that can be fully integrated into our HA480 and HA680 machines, enabling you to rely on the existing Harbil technology for your different tinting applications. 

You can use your trusted Harbil dispenser for color formulations, sample pots, as well as standard paint cans. The result is zero color difference, no additional space needed and always the unrivalled Harbil speed and accuracy!

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