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GA480 automatic mixer - Shakers & Mixers

  • Auto button
  • Fast clamping
  • Easy diagnostics

The GA480 is a very fast, high performance automatic mixer which makes the life of the user easy with its auto button selecting the optimal mixing speed and time. This auto button in combination with the improved clamping speed and dynamic balance offers a very reliable mixer. The option to connect the mixer to the PC of a paint dispenser enables you to easily obtain a clear overview on machine status and usage.


  • Fully automatic clamping
  • Intelligent mixing
  • Graphical display
  • Dedicated control on clamp unit
  • Dynamic balance
  • Service control via diagnostic software
  • Fully extractable can table
  • Multiple speeds up to 230 rpm
  • Continuous rpm and time regulation
  • Built-in loading ramp
  • 38 cm bottom plate diameter
  • Up to 40 kg; can height 8-40 cm
  • HWD 101x82x81 (79) cm

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Revolutionary technology

The GA480 is the result of more than two years of research and development, which started with customers around the world telling us what they need: a new paint mixer that can outperform others in terms of total mixing time, ease of use and reliability.

Jan Post, Vice President of Research at Fast & Fluid Management, explains how we came to this new development.

How the GA480 came to life.pdf

Effortless unloading

Good design goes beyond the machines at Fast & Fluid. To improve efficiency in transporting your machines we have redesigned the pallet of the mixers, making it 4-way accessible and easier and faster to place onto the floor.

For instructions on how to unload your GA350 or GA480 using the tilted pallet, you can watch the video or refer to the manual.

Technical data


  • Medium and high volume paint turnover

Can specs

  • Max. product weight: 40 kg
  • Min. height: 80 mm
  • Max. height: 400 mm
  • Plate diameter: 380 mm
  • Suitable for oval cans
  • Mixing of multiple cans possible

Footprint & weight

  • HWD: 101 x 82 x 81 (79) cm
  • Weight: 240 kg


  • Automatic, dedicated control


  • Rotating swing door (to be mounted left or right)
  • Sliding door optional
  • Loading plate fully extractable
  • Cradle stops automatically at unloading postion
  • Display user interface: auto button, graphical display, easy to adjust
  • Variable speed (slow start), between 230 and 100 rpm, dynamic balance


  • Removable top cover and back panel
  • Splash guard to protect from paint spillage, replaceable rubber on bottom clamp plate, service control via FFM Maintenance and/or display, USB port on outside
  • 750 Watt AC motor


  • Wheels and feet at bottom, built-in loading ramp
  • Power supply:
    - 230V-50/60Hz or 115V/60Hz
    - Standard removable net entry at the back
    - Power switch at the side


When you order options or accessories, they both allow you to personalize your machine to your specifications. Options are factory-installed features and you will find them built in to your machine when it arrives. Accessories are supplied separately and have to be mounted during or after the installation.

Below is a list of the available options & accessories for this product.

Transformer 115/230 V

Transformer 115/230 V

Transformer needed to operate the machine in 110 V regions